(theatre O - Barbican/UK Tour)

ASTRONAUT / Barbican and National Touring

as-tro-naut n - somebody trained to travel and perform tasks in space

X - a letter “X” or an “X”- shaped mark used to represent an unknown quantity, an unnamed person, or any unknown or unspecified factor or thing

This is the story of an awakening, of exploring universes, of discovery, adventure and other activities for the living room. This is the story of X, an astronaut who never goes to space. When X is plucked from obscurity and chosen to be part of the ESA’s first manned flight to Mars, everything changes. The drabness of his former life disappears and his existence transforms into one of near godlike proportions. He feels that he has been reborn. His family feels otherwise.

Told from the points of view of both X and his daughter, Valentina, Astronaut is testament to the fact that most of the longest journeys take place closest to home.

theatre O tell the story of X and his family with their unique blend of movement, text, sound and the imagination, bringing to life a world in which the unknown is all there is.

Choreographer - Eva Vilamitjana
Designer (lighting) - Katharine Williams
Designer (set/costume) - Simon Daw
Designer (sound) - Gareth Fry
Director - Joseph Alford
Devisers/Performers - Carolina Valdés, Eva Vilamitjana, Toni Arteaga
Producer - Michael Brazier (Glynis Henderson Productions)
Stage Manager - Lucy McMahon
Writer - Andrea Valdés & The Company