the O

Our aim is to make work that inspires, moves and challenges both ourselves and the audience. We look at the world and try to present it in unexpected and revealing ways. We constantly come back to the dilemmas of ordinary people in extra-ordinary situations, using humour, playfulness and beauty, to tell stories that can also be dark and bleak.

We look for a visual poetry that highlights something essential behind human relationships and behaviour.

We create strong, imaginative theatrical worlds in which to tell stories, and we look for surprising and unexpectedly appropriate languages to express those stories.

We are interested in creating an active relationship with the audience who, in return, have to engage with what’s unfolding before them, not just sit back and watch.

We strive to take risks, to explore the unknown, to expand our horizons as theatre makers and to create work that becomes complete in the imaginations of the audience. We aim to make work that could not be done in any other medium, that makes sense only as theatre.

We draw our energy from the outstanding artists we bring together in a uniquely collaborative way. The combination of the skills and personalities involved in the devising process is the basis for creating “vivid and enlightening, inventive and compelling theatre” The New York Times