The Argument

(theatre O- Barbican/World Tour)

THE ARGUMENT / Barbican and International Touring

He says he won’t. She says she can’t. He would like to try, but can never get it right. They all could, but that wouldn’t make a good story.

The Argument is the excruciating situation of the Strong family, and the things that they really need to talk about, but don’t. And won’t. The Argument is about family loss: the death of a mother and the effect on those that remain; an Optometrist who cannot see, a radio announcer incapable of communication, an auctioneer who will not listen and an air stewardess desperate to provide love, support and light refreshment in three languages.

Moving between past and present over 30 years, the company piece together a filmic history of an eccentric family in crisis. It is a tragic-comic investigation into what it means to lose someone close to us, about how extreme situations provoke extreme behaviour.

Theatre O’s hugely inventive theatrical style uses music, physicality, text and dance to tell the visceral and moving story of the Strong family.

Assistant Director- Lucinka Eisler
Choreographer - Eva Vilamitjana
Designer (illustration)- Tom McWalter
Designer (lighting) - Matt Britten
Designer (set/costume) - Isla Shaw
Designer (sound) - Mika Sellens
Director - Joseph Alford
Devisers/Performers - Alexis Carne, Carolina Valdés, Joseph Alford, Kate Higginbottom, Luke Williams
Producer - Michael Brazier (Glynis Henderson Productions)
Stage Manager - Joni Carter
Writer - The Company