Stage Dreams

(Opera - Copenhagen)

Stage Dreams / Royal Danish Opera

Covid Cancelled

Sadly, after going through many iterations to try and make this work in times of a pandemic, we finally had to let the project go. It was a very exciting and different approach to making work with an opera chorus - hopefully there'll be opportunities in less uncertain times.

Stage Dreams is a window into the weird and wonderful world of the Opera Chorus; a Chorus that, for a while, counted Hans Christian Andersen amongst their number (until he got fired…).

Just as Andersen’s tales make magic out of the everyday, the Chorus transform every night into characters and creatures of our wildest imagination. But it’s not always easy to fulfil your dreams, and the show unfolds before us the uncertain path of these everyday superstars, as they travel through their choral adventure.

This is a chance to see the Chorus as you’ve never seen them before; using their own words, powerful singing, as well as the words and characters of their legendary alumnus, Stage Dreams is the fairytale of their Chorus life.