(theatre O)


They’re building a Wall. Soon we’ll all have one.

It makes me think of a teacher I once had who accused me of being “apátrida”. “Atención todos: vuestra compañera es apátrida”. Apátrida: not having a homeland. He said it like some kind of insult, like being amoral. I didn’t know how to defend myself.

He’d be pleased, that teacher! Build a wall, then you have to choose a homeland.'

A sheriff and her daughter defend the border between here and there, between this place and the other. As the border wall gets higher, they pass the time with homework tasks and soap operas, desperately trying to make contact with the outside world. A woman arrives, searching for her missing child. A mysterious stranger drifts in, dragging with him violence and love. Bobby Ewing comes back from the dead.

This is a story for our times, a tale of life at the edge.

'I’m thinking this now: walls are there to make us grow. The epic landscape should always be on the inside. Don’t you think? Yes, definitely.'

Sheriff is the first play written by Carolina Valdés. The piece has been inspired by several workshops with brilliant and inspirational artists and collaborators.