At the Threshold


At the threshold / Daria Martin

This is the first film that we developed with Daria and the first time I'd directed actors on film. You can find out more about Daria's work here.

"A teenage son and his mother share fears, hopes, and doubts – until the boy’s new stepmother arrives to celebrate his birthday.

At the Threshold is a Sirk-inspired melodrama provoked by the question: ‘Can a mother experience too much empathy for her child?’ It is also the second of three short films created by Martin inspired by her research into a form of heightened physical sensitivity called mirror-touch synaesthesia. Many people with the condition experience a of blurring between self and other; here, the parent-child bond is deepened by this confusion."


Anamaria Marinca
Carolina Valdés
Myles Westman

Creative team

Written by
Joseph Alford
Daria Martin
Simon Stephens