Cosi Fan Tutte / Royal Danish Opera Academy

A celebration of the enormous and uncontrollable emotions of late adolescence, the minefield of love in an age of social media and trash entertainment, a nightmare of a reality TV show where the Boys put the Girls in a quagmire of morality and then spy on them as they slowly drown.  This is a Cosi that grapples with the huge complexities of relationships in a time when we pick partners with the swipe of a screen, where in the name of ease,  entertainment and extraordinary ego, we completely miss the real connections that make life worth living.

Working with the brilliant young singers of the Royal Danish Opera Academy, this was a chance to do the opera as it should be done...

Director / Designer - Joseph W. Alford  Lighting - Joseph W. Alford   Musical Director / Pianist - Sofia Wilkman Performers - Frøy Hovland Holtbakk, Kari Dahl Nielsen, Magnus Ingemund Kjelstad, Martin Vilbrand, Renate Ekerhovd  Producer - Helena Schulstad Props - Lulu Sylvest Petersen Stage Manager - Ida Egelund Jensen