Lucia di Lammermoor - Covent Garden

There were some truly superb singers in this production, and it was fantastic to have the notsoaptlynamed ‘mad’ scene accompanied by a ‘glass harmonica’ - a truly haunting instrument. It was also the only time that I’ve stepped onto a stage as part of a creative team, only to be ‘booed’ by half the audience! At the time (and still) I found it a very entertaining situation to be in, as well as a great example of the way that much of the opera audience is very conservative and stuck in their ways. 

Sacha Plaige, Diana Damrau

Rachael Lloyd, Diana Damrau

Rachael Lloyd, Diana Damrau, Kwangchul Youn, Ludovic Tésier, Taylor Stayton

Peter Hoare, Taylor Stayton, Sarah Northgraves, Charles Castronovo, Diana Damrau, Sacha Plaige, Rachel Lloyd, Ludovic Tésier, Kwangchul Youn

Diana Damrau, Rachel Lloyd, Taylor Stayton, Charles Castronovo, Peter Hoare, Ludovic Tésier

Sacha Plaige, Rachel Lloyd, Diana Damrau, Kwangchul Youn

Rachel Lloyd, Sacha Plaige, Diana Damrau, Charles Castronovo

Kwangchul Youn, Sacha Plaige, Diana Damrau, Charles Castronovo

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