Like Flesh

In 2018 Carolina and I did a couple of workshops with composer Sivan Eldar and librettist Cordelia Lynn. The idea was to help them develop their ideas for a new opera piece, Like Flesh. We worked with various brilliant people over the two workshops, but ultimately wanted to experiment with a language that combined movement, dance, live voices and instruments, all alongside a world of electronic composition. 

All this at Snape Maltings near Aldburgh; a truly stunning setting in which to make work. 

The others involved in the workshops were Juliet Fraser, Jimmy Holliday, Vincius Salles, Séverine Ballon and Elaine Mitchener. 

Sivan Eldar

Juliet Fraser, Elaine Mitchener

Juliet Fraser, Elaine Mitchener, Sivan Eldar

Cordelia Lynn, Sivan Eldar

Carolina Valdés, Vinicius Salles, Cordelia Lynn

Carolina Valdés, Vinicius Salles, Jimmy Holliday

Cordelia Lynn, Jimmhy Holliday, Vinicius Salles

Juliet Fraser, (camera woman), Séverine Ballon, Carolina Valdés

Vinicius Salles, Jimmy Holliday

Juliet Fraser, Vinicius Salles, Sivan Eldar

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