In 2019 I directed my first opera for the Academy of Royal Danish Opera - Cosi Fan Tutte - it was a stripped down, great fun version that played with a world of social media and reality TV. The photos aren’t fantastic, but still a record of a lovely production and an idea that, I hope, will one day have a further life. The cast were amazing, as are the team at the Academy who can really make something out of nothing! I hope the images capture a little of the spirit of the show.

Martin Vilbrand, Renate Ekerhovd

Kari Dahl Nielsen, Frøy Hovland Holtbakk

Magnus Ingemund Kjelstad, Kari Dahl Nielsen, Martin Vilbrand

Renate Ekerhovd, Martin Vilbrand, Frøy Hovland Holtbakk, Johan Simon Olsson

Frøy Hovland Holtbakk, Renate Ekerhovd, Martin Vilbrand, Kari Dahl Nielsen

Frøy Hovland Holtbakk, Johan Simon Olsson, Renate Ekerhovd

Johan Simon Olsson, Renate Ekerhovd, Martin Vilbrand, Magnus Ingemund Kjelstad, Kari Dahl Nielsen

Frøy Hovland Holtbakk

Johan Simon Olsson, Frøy Hovland Holtbakk, Kari Dahl Nielsen, Renate Ekerhovd, Magnus Ingemund Kjelstad

Johan Simon Olsson, Martin Vilbrand, Kari Dahl Nielsen, Renate Ekerhovd, Magnus Ingemund Kjelstad