In 2018 I worked on a production of Ariadne auf Naxos from Strauss. There’s some amazing music and a silly storyline. Like many operas! I didn’t get to take any pictures from out front, but here are a few of the very lovely cast and crew backstage. We had extremely limited space behind the scenes, so I didn’t have many options in terms of position. There was also a crazy amount of action in terms of taking props in and out of the stage area. The cast and crew were amazing.

Maik Solbach

Huw Montague Rendall, Jonathan Abernethy

Huw Montague Rendall, Jonathan Abernethy, Sabine Devieilhe, Rupert Charlesworth, David Shipley

Rupert Charlesworth

Josef Wagner

Laura Rodriguez

Maik Solbach

Andrea Hill, Elena Galitskaya, Beate Mordal

David Shipley, Jonathan Abernethy


Maik Solbach

Marie Jardinie

Elena Galitskaya, Andrea Hill

Gregory Wattebled

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