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Cosi in Copenhagen!

I have just come back from a wonderful trip to Copenhagen, where I was directing a production of Mozarts 'Cosi Fan Tutte' for the Academy of Royal Danish Opera. Working with singers who were nearly all finishing their 3 years of study, we made a wild and passionate version of the story, low on budget and high on imagination!

They were a truly magnificent team of people, who threw themselves into the concept and produced a fun, exciting and moving show. I am very proud of them! It's really not an easy piece - a truly ridiculous libretto, matched with some sublime music.  It's all too easy to let the music make up for the absurd and misogynistic story, but we were determined not to do that.  I hope, I think, we were able to do that!  When looked at in the right way, it is in fact a story very much of our times.  

The task was really to make this with a tiny budget, pulling together things we could find in the opera stores in order to tell the story - no set, costume, or lighting designer, just resourcefulness and a committed few people who went the extra mile to help make it happen. I felt extremely lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Here are some hastily taken images from our dress rehearsal;

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