And then it was done! I can’t quite believe that the project that we had been working so hard on has come and gone so fast.  In brief; Syllable is a new operatic sonic work from the brilliant mind of Edward Jessen.  Ed and I have been wanting to work together again since 2013, when we made, along with Carolina Valdés, a short piece for the London Sinfonietta called Gallup Memo. Finally, with extraordinary drive, Ed made this happen and we staged his new work, Syllable, with performers from Trinity Laban.  Three performances later and it’s all done! Such is the wild world of opera.

It was an amazing experience and a rewarding one.  I cannot quite believe the extraordinary level reached by everyone involved in the project.  With limited resources we made a piece that would stand up on any of the stages that I have made work for in the past. I am extremely proud of all of them. The feedback was fantastic and the houses were full.  I hope very much that it gets some sort of future life. 

At some point soon there will be a video, but in the meantime I am posting a few photos from different photographers (Me, John Hunter and Brioni Campbell) that will give you an idea of the visual world of it. What they will never do is convey the extraordinary layered score that Ed Jessen created.  I hope that you will get a chance to experience that again in the future. 


a new operatic sonic work from Edward Jessen

Composer Edward Jessen
Director Joseph W Alford
Conductor  Gregory Rose 
Designer  Molly Einchcomb
Projection Design Akhila Krishnan
Narration Bastard Assignments
Sound Design David Sheppard and Ian Dearden (Sound Intermedia)
Lighting Design Malcolm Rippeth
Primo Actor Claudia Hilda Rodriguez Pozo
Haitch Soprano Olivia Bell, Juliet Wallace*  
Kael Soprano Anna Pych, Miranda Ostler* 
Elém Mezzo Hester Dart, Amy Kearsley* 
Énnopee Mezzo Imogen Burgess
Phiste Tenor Charles McGlone, Sholto Biscoe-Taylor* 
Pahlme Bass-Baritone Zeshaan Mahmood, Niall Windass* 
(* Sat evening performance)
Soprano Lydia Ward, Issy Roberts, Emily Beech 
Mezzo Eleanor Harvie, Niamh Kearney, Amy Kearsley, Hester Dart
Tenor Leon Juurlink, Sholto Biscoe-Taylor, Charles McGlone
Bass Alex Hardy, Niall Windass, Zeshaan Mahmood

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