2020… wow

Wow, o wow, what a year it has been… who would have imagined it this time last year, when next year was just another round of the conveyor belt, maybe with a few more or less bags on it - and then it turned out that there was no conveyor belt at all, and the bags were just some things that existed in our imaginations!  What a fascinating time it’s been; a real lesson in having to accept that there are some things that we can’t do anything about.  Sure, there have been some projects that did see the light of day, and others that were born out of necessity and will push their way up through the soil and into the light over the coming weeks and months, but on the whole we’ve had to learn to ‘be like water my friend’, as a great Kung Fu master once said…

For me the most exciting thing to come out of these months has been a) to spend more time with our children and b) that Carolina has been able  to sharpen her writing skills in a way that would have been much harder had we been juggling the ‘normal’ pressures of life. I’ve had just enough work to be able to keep paying the bills, and where we’ve lost work and fallen short, the government, rather unexpectedly, has stepped in. I think that I’m more worried about the next 12 months (why stop there… the next few years!!), than I have been at any point over the last 12 months.  I’m sure I’m not alone in that.  When the dust settles and we see the decimated landscape of the arts… we must be slow and steady,  have faith in what has got us this far, draw on the deep and strong passion that has kept us from throwing in the towel before now. We are what we are and that is, I’m sure, no fixed thing. We must be like water. 

So from Mumbai to Copenhagen to Spain to London, 2020 has, in fact, been a truly enriching year which still has a lot to teach us. I hope we’ll be able to learn from those lessons, to step back from the panic and noise and, over these next months, be open, positive and true to ourselves in whatever direction we end up travelling.

So here’s wishing you well and congratulating all of us for having got through 2020. Now we can look forward to an exciting, bold and brilliant 2021.

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Here are just a few of the faces of the brilliant people we’ve been interacting with this year - not everyone is there, but I didn’t have pics of all of you 😬