O news is good news

  1. Syllable

    19 Jan 2022
    And then it was done! I can’t quite believe that the project that we had been working so hard on has come and gone so fast.  In brief; Syllable is a new operatic sonic work from the brilliant mind of Edward Jessen.  Ed and I have been wanting to…

  2. The Money!!!

    04 Jun 2021
    The Money Just a thought… Last night we went to go and see ‘The Money’ at County Hall in London. County Hall was the home of the GLC and basically the permanent seat of Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party.  It was also a thorn in the side of Margaret…

  3. Long Overdue!

    30 Apr 2021
    We hope you are well and safe Photographs and the Future For some time now, I’ve been been meaning to put some of my photographs on the theatre O website. Over the years, I’ve been taking photos of projects that I’ve been involved in, either as director or movement director.…

  4. 2020… wow

    06 Dec 2020
    Wow, o wow, what a year it has been… who would have imagined it this time last year, when next year was just another round of the conveyor belt, maybe with a few more or less bags on it - and then it turned out that there was no conveyor…

  5. new website!

    06 Dec 2020
    There’s a new website on the block - for various technical reasons, we were no longer able to use the brilliant ‘Koken’ to design and display our website, so now we’re trying something new. We hope that you like it… do let us know if there are any issues with…